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Jade Crusades: The Legacy

For five years, I co-operated the Mara Jade website Jade Crusades under the alias Mazzic. The lovely Shada was my partner in crime, although we inherited Jade Crusades from ArchJedi Sarah in the Fall of 2000.

Jade Crusades had enjoyed a long and successful run under ArchJedi Sarah, and Shada and I were happy to continue that tradition. This was at a time when Del Rey had taken over the Star Wars license from Bantam, and Mara Jade was appearing (newly wed to Luke Skywalker!) in nearly every publication: novels, short stories, role playing games, comic books, card games, action figures – Mara Jade was everywhere!

Jade Crusades enabled us to meet many incredible authors, artists, and creators who were happy to share their stories with us. I am happy to still call Shannon McRandle, the official Mara Jade model, a dear friend. Above all, Shada and I met many fans that shared a love for a particular fiery red-headed Jedi. Without them, Jade Crusades would never have been possible. Jade Crusades, under the leadership of Mazzic and Shada, closed its doors in July of 2005.

Although the original incarnations of Jade Crusades are now defunct, I wanted to share the exclusive content that made Jade Crusades so special. Jade Crusades, and Mara Jade, shall live on.

In closing, I’d like to re-post our last update to Jade Crusades. Thank you for the memories, friends!

Saying Goodbye
Posted by Shada, July 2, 2005.

This is not the easiest thing in the world to do, but as you may have noticed we have not been updating this page as much as we used to. Life as they say goes on and good things do come to an end. Mazzic and I inherited this site from ArchJedi in the fall of 2000. Jade Crusades also enjoyed a long run under it's original owner, so I think we've had an incredibly long lived life for a fan site run by such a small group of people. But after nearly five years, it's time to let Jade Crusades rest. Jade Crusades will be going off line on July 31, 2005.

We would like to thank the following people for all of their help throughout the years:

• Archjedi Sarah for entrusting us with this site.

• Timothy Zahn for creating Mara Jade and sitting down with us for a couple of great interviews!

• Shannon McRandle for her kindness, her help with tips and news, and especially for helping us meet Timothy Zahn!

• Michael Stackpole for not only sitting down for an interview but helping us get Tim Zahn there too!

• Aaron Allston, R.A. Salvatore, Kevin J Anderson and Walter Jon Williams for agreeing to be interviewed

• Brandon McKinney who designed our incredible logo.

• The absolutely amazing artists who have shared their work with us as well as doing interviews: Cory Allemeier (and the folks at Lucasarts who allowed us to show concept artwork), Matt Busch (thanks for the exclusives, and getting us in touch with Andi Ficara), Joe Corroney (thanks for the exclusives), Storn Cook (thanks for the great interview), the legendary Carlos Ezquerra (thank you so much for the pencil sketches), Terese Nielsen (thanks for the exclusives), Dan Veesenmeyer (my pin-up is still the most beautiful piece of Star Wars art I own), and Mike Vilardi (thanks for the exclusives)! We'd also like to thank the following artists for granting interviews: the legendary Dave Dorman, Tommy Lee Edwards (who found us and actually used one of our photos as an inspiration for a piece for The New Jedi Order Sourcebook, so we're famous!!), Doug Alexander Gregory, and incredible Drew Struzan.

• Game designer Chuck Kallenbach II for taking us through the process of creating a game card

• Model Andi Ficara, the charming lady who was also Mara Jade, you were such fun to talk to and thank you so much for your kind words!

• Our special reporters Erin Nance, Regina Day, Erik Nielsen, and Doug Atwood. We could not have done this without you!

• All of the talented fans out there who have graced our site with custom figures, fan fiction, wallpapers, and artwork. Thank you so much for sharing a bit of you with us!

• All of you who have sent us news bits, corrected bad links, or just stopped by over the years, we're glad that you came to visit.

May the Force be with you!!

Star Wars, Mara Jade, and related items are trademarked and copyrighted Lucasfilm Ltd. All of the artwork used on this site was posted with the permission of the original artists and ownership reverts to them. Other sources and copyright holders may apply as noted in the appropriate sections. Permission given for artwork, interviews, or reproductions does not in any way imply endorsement by any of these parties. We have no affiliation with Lucasfilm, Dark Horse Comics, Del Rey Books, Wizards of the Coast, LucasArts, or any other corporate body mentioned.

Jade Crusades was created by ArchJedi Sarah Kabala. The site is now maintained by Mazzic and Shada. All original content on this site belongs to the present owners. All fan creations are the property of their original contributors (i.e. artists and authors). Do not reproduce this information on other websites without the permission of the owner. Jade Crusades Logo was created via commission for Jade Crusades by Brandon McKinney. It may not be reproduced or posted elsewhere without express permission.

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